J. Prince Calls NBA Youngboy "Dumber Than A Box Of Rocks"

J. Prince Calls NBA Youngboy "Dumber Than A Box Of Rocks"

 J. Prince Says NBA Youngboy would be smart to let their feud slip to the side, calling him "dumb."
Youngboy Never Broke Again may have just gotten himself into a battle that he can't win.

After he had his car garage broken into, NBA Youngboy got some help from J. Prince, who offered to urge him back his car keys and more. the assistance was unwanted though in YB's eyes. for a few reasons, the 20-year-old felt a requirement to attack at the legendary Rap-a-Lot figure, telling him to mind his own business.

After giving it some thought, J. Prince addressed the young rapper in his calm yet menacing manner. He says that Youngboy isn't a lover or an enemy to him and, if the rapper is sensible, he'll keep things that way.

"I see you took my kindness for weakness. 'Cause you a dumb boy with limited thinking ability," said J. Prince about NBA Youngboy.

He goes on to mention that he's cool with OG3Three, one among Youngboy's partners, but that he believes YB is "dumber than a box of rocks."

The OG notes that Youngboy should be angry about his security falling asleep and allowing people to interrupt in and take his stuff.

Hopefully, this is often all left to the side because this could be beef that NBA Youngboy isn't ready for. J. Prince is and has always been a true one.

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