Jake Fromm admits to, apologizes for ‘elite white’ statement

Jake Fromm admits to, apologizes for ‘elite white’ statement

Former Georgia quarterback Jake Fromm admitted to and issued an apology for using the term elite white people during a text exchange about guns with a female childhood friend in March 2019. The exchange was posted Thursday on Twitter.

The woman told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that she chose to post the exchange now in light of the present social climate. The woman, who asked to not be identified but said she has known Fromm since the eighth grade in Warner Robins, told the AJC: I posted it about the Black Lives Matter movement. a part of that movement allocates certain responsibilities to specifically white people; including to carry people that make racist comments accountable. Often nobody speaks out against those in positions such he's. But because his career depends on black people not only has he been completely silent during the movement, but he has also contributed to the pain and hurt of black people's lives by making such a press release.

Fromm, who was drafted by the Buffalo Bills within the fifth round in April, posted his apology on Twitter and said he spoke to teammates and coaches Thursday. Fromm wrote: I'm extremely sorry that I chose to use the words, elite white people, during a text message conversation. Although I never meant to imply that I'm an elite White, as stated later within the conversation, there's no excuse for that word choice and sentiment. While it had been poor, my heart isn't. Now, quite ever, is that the time for support and togetherness and that I stand against racism 100%. I promise to commit myself to be a neighborhood of the answer during this country. I addressed my teammates and coaches during a team meeting today and that I hope they see this incident isn't representative of the person I'm. Again, I'm truly pitying my words and actions and humbly invite forgiveness.

The original exchange began with Fromm responding to an issue regarding his position on guns. No guns are good. They got to let me get suppressors.

Just make them very expensive so the only elite White race can get them hahaha. From the love of outside sports was well-documented in his days at Georgia. The opinions of Fromm started boiling on Twitter, with several users expressing dismay.

Another Fromm friend later posted a second text exchange where she asked the opposite friend to delete her previous tweet. Hey, Jake just called me 3 times about what you set on Twitter. ... The [Bills] are talking about dropping him immediately. The poster said it took her a while to create up the courage to travel public with the exchange. She wrote: If that one statement took me a year to create up the courage to bring attention to, what percentage more alike statements that are made and disregarded by people who allow such hate to be openly accepted? Fromm and his agent didn't answer requests for comment.
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