Jurgen Klopp names Steven Gerrard

Jurgen Klopp names Steven Gerrard as the former player he would sign for Liverpool

'Steven Gerrard. That's easy': Jurgen Klopp says Liverpool legend would be one retired player he'd sign today... but former midfielder would need to 'fight' to urge into his current starting XI

  • Jurgen Klopp named Steven Gerrard because the retired player he would sign today
  • The Anfield great left the club just a couple of months before Klopp took charge
  • The 52-year-old joked Gerrard may need to 'fight' to urge into today's side

Jurgen Klopp has named Steven Gerrard because the retired Liverpool player he would most wish to check in their prime today, but joked he would need to exert to urge into the present team.

The former midfielder is an all-time Anfield great but left Liverpool at the top of the 2014-15 season, just months before the favored manager took the hot seat.

Jurgen Klopp names Steven Gerrard

Klopp has since overseen a remarkably successful time for Liverpool which saw them crowned Champions League winners last season before all-but securing the club's first Premier League title for 30 years this season.

With football currently halted thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, the German had time to seem on BT Sport's UCL Throwbacks and had only one player in mind when asked if he could have a player from Liverpool's illustrious past in his current side.

'Steven Gerrard. That's easy', Klopp told presenter Jake Humphrey.

Gerrard was a mainstay within the Liverpool midfield throughout his career but Klopp suggested his place within the team might not quite be a given, adding 'Stevie would need to fight for it.'

The 52-year-old went on to reveal he has met the now-Rangers manager several times during their exercise routines in lockdown, whilst also revealing interactions with another Liverpool icon.

Klopp is understood to regularly immerse himself amongst the town but revealed he has never seen the hero until lockdown, where they need crossed paths several times.

'So the funny part is to be four and a half years within the same town I met him never before. Since the lockdown, I've met him six or seven different times. I'm going for a dog walk or run or whatever and he features a walk with the family,' Klopp added.

'One day I used to be on the phone with Gerard Houllier and met Steven Gerrard within the same moment, so that was cool! These quite things happen only in lockdown so some positive things happened on behalf of me also .'/p/Sports.htmlhttps://bradlux.blogspot.com/p/Sports.html

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